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Subnet Deployment Generator Changelog


  • Added OS=mac option in 'docker.env'. This option is intended for single machine testing environment only.


  • Added custom keys functionality 'docker.env' now accepts GRANDMASTER_PK and SUBNETS_PK. Where SUBNETS_PK can have multiple keys separated by a comma ','. Number of subnet keys must equal NUM_SUBNET. Keys are randomized if not provided.
  • Added RELAYER_MODE in 'docker.env', CSC deployment will select from 'full' or 'lite' smart contract, default 'full'.
  • Automate CHECKPOINT_CONTRACT copy-paste step (manual action no longer required).
  • PARENTCHAIN_WALLET is no longer required in 'docker.env', the address will be derived from PARENTCHAIN_WALLET_PK.
  • Disabled parentchain observer in docker-compose.yml, unused for now (due to long startup time).
  • Bump default subnet components stable versions