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Launch a Subnet


For the convenience of deploying Subnet, we have provided the Subnet Deployment Generator. The Subnet Deployment Generator is configuration generator for all components of subnet deployment. It generates all the necessary files and configs from a simple initial docker.env file. The required parameters are

1. How many machines will you use to deploy subnet?
2. How many subnet nodes will you deploy in total?
3. IP address of the main machine
4. Parentchain wallet with funds

In this setup the main machine (machine1) will host all the subnet services(relayer, stats, frontend) while the subnet miner nodes will be spread out among all machines.

The IP address of the main machine is needed for subnet connectivity, this is the IP that is known to all other machines, could be private or public (preferrably private)

Once generated, the commands to startup the subnet is also provided as a generated commands.txt file.

The deployment is docker based, the main deployment file is docker-compose.yml. The docker-compose.env is the injection point to all configs. Then, ENVs for the services and subnet nodes are in *.env files. Other files include genesis.json file to initialize subnet chain, deployment.json to deploy the checkpoint smartcontract, and keys.json the keypairs for subnet nodes + grandmaster node.


  • OS: Linux. Only Linux is supported for full deployment.

  • OS: Mac is only supported for single machine testing environment. Specify MacOS with 'OS=mac' in 'docker.env' file. Please also refer common issues.

  • docker, docker compose V2. For manual installation of docker compose V2 please refer to:


  1. Create a docker.env file with parameters similar to docker.env.example. Detailed parameters explanation here.

  2. Pull latest subnet-generator image

    docker pull xinfinorg/subnet-generator:latest
  3. Generate configurations, this will create a new generated directory

    docker run --env-file docker.env -v $(pwd)/generated:/app/generated xinfinorg/subnet-generator:latest && cd generated
  4. follow the generated instructions in commands.txt to start Subnet Nodes and make sure they are mining.

  5. follow the generated instructions in commands.txt to deploy the Checkpoint Smart Contract.

    docker run                                                           \
    --env-file docker.env \
    -v $(pwd)/generated/deployment.json:/app/generated/deployment.json \
    --entrypoint 'bash' xinfinorg/subnet-generator:latest ./
  6. follow the generated instructions in commands.txt to deploy the Subnet Services (relayer, stats-server, frontend)

  7. Check out the Subnet UI at <MAIN_IP>:5000

Removing Subnet

  1. Change the commands in commands.txt to docker compose ... down

    docker compose --env-file docker-compose.env --profile <profile_name> down 
  2. Repeat 1. for every docker --profile that was started.

  3. Inside generated directory, remove bootnodes, stats-service, and xdcchain* directories